Can you be too young to use erectile dysfunction medication?

Erectile dysfunction mainly affects men over 40 years of age.  However, it can be experienced by anyone old enough to have sex. Some young men have not even reached thirty before they start to notice erectile problems, and this is often due to performance anxiety or stress. Causes are usually psychological.

Our knowledge of erectile dysfunction has come a long way in recent years. Whilst it was once a taboo subject that men wouldn’t even tell their doctor about; more and more men are now happy to face up to it, especially as it is a physical disorder that can be treated with the right medication.

However, despite recent revolutions, erectile dysfunction still affects a large number of older men today. At least, this is what the media often emphasises. For example, figures suggest that men over 40 are the highest consumers of Viagra. This is one reason why there isn’t a lot of concentration on erectile dysfunction in young men. The reality is that, although erectile dysfunction is usually associated with older men, it is also suffered by younger men, too.

Why are erectile problems more common in older men?

There is a higher rate of erectile dysfunction in men aged over 40, which is why we tend to associate the problem with age. It is even estimated that more than a half of men in this age group will suffer from erectile dysfunction at some point in their lives. But why is it so common amongst older men? The answer to this question can often be found in the causes of erectile dysfunction.

An erection happens thanks to a number of chemical and molecular reactions. When a man undergoes sexual stimulation, the brain sends nerve signals that lead to blood flowing into the cavernous tissue, causing an erection. When blood has trouble circulating to the tissues, you hence experience erectile problems. As soon as you take a treatment like Viagra or Cialis, it dilates the blood vessels and helps blood flow to the penis, which helps you get an erection. Blood circulation problems in older men can be caused by diabetes, high blood pressure or another undiagnosed illness. Erectile problems do not only affect older men; they are also experienced by younger men, too. According to a study done by Vita Salute San Raffaele University of Milan, ¼ of the 400 men studied were below 40.

What does it mean to have erectile dysfunction as a young man?

Although the causes of erectile dysfunction are usually experienced by older men, they can also be seen in younger men. Blood circulation problems in the cavernous tissue can be caused by a number of illnesses such as high blood pressure and diabetes. These problems can also be brought on by drug use or smoking, as both of these things prevent blood circulation and reduce signal transmission between the brain and blood vessels.

Nevertheless, causes are normally believed to be psychological amongst young men. These causes could be linked to pressure to perform in sex, inexperience, stress, or other relationship problems. What’s more, erectile dysfunction can happen due to stress from bad performance in a previous relationship.

Is erectile dysfunction treatment different for older men than young men?

No, because what treatment you take depends on the cause of your problem. Whatever the cause, there is always a solution, whether the patient is young or old.

Younger patients will receive the same treatment as adapted for men over 40 if erectile dysfunction stems from blood circulation problems. However, you should always seek the advice of a doctor, as causes might not always be what they seem. For those whose erectile dysfunction is linked to stress and anxiety, there are other treatments such as therapy.

When men aged over 40 experience erectile dysfunction due to blood circulation, it can usually be cured with the right prescription treatment. These medications can also be prescribed to younger men. It is always best to discuss treatment with your doctor, as these blood circulation problems can also be caused by a more serious undiagnosed illness. It might be enough in some cases to simply face up to your fears and try to sort them.

You can resort to erectile dysfunction medication if you see no improvement in your situation after undergoing therapy. These drugs can help blood circulate to the penis, which can help you get a satisfactory erection and regain your confidence.

Am I too young to use an erectile dysfunction drug?

You reach sexual maturity at 18 years old. You can go to a doctor to resolve your problems if you experience erectile dysfunction at any point after this age. You can see the list of medications available on our site.

Medical review on 6 August 2021 by Dr. Martin Trudeau